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‘My Five Wives: Tell All’: Brady Williams talks final memories of busy year

Brady Williams poses with his family
Brady Williams poses with his family
My Five Wives/Official TLC picture

The final episode showcasing Brady Williams and his five wives Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda offered viewers of TLC’s “My Five Wives: Tell All” a chance to connect once again with the family. The final show of the season gives the cast an opportunity to talk about their life and discuss issues that were shared on the show in hopes to give fans closure. According to Popdust on Saturday, fans also got to hear the conclusion of Rhonda’s health scare as the reality star was worried about breast cancer.

The episode was hosted by Tamron Hall had the family rewinding and watching the most enticing segments and commenting on how things turned out. The first look of Rosemary discussing years of hurt feelings over Paulie stealing her husband time with Brady was typical of the show. The fans heard plenty of details, but there was no drama. It seems the issues were resolved privately and life moved on. It was a nice change of pace compared to other shows where people get into serious verbal altercations.

Rhonda’s health scare definitely had people on the edge of their seats. There was a chance she could have cancer and everyone was pulling for the best in the situation. Luckily it did work out and Rhonda is feeling well and living strong.

As fans have watched Brady Williams and his 24 kids over the season, there has been an interesting dynamics of family life to be discovered. Whatever the issue whether Rhonda’s health and the family activities, the adults come together and are a real family. As they probably already are unmercifully attacked by people to poke holes in their lifestyle and told things that aren't too kind, it might be impossible to imagine a brawl with these folks in the first place.

“My Five Wives” has given fans a look at the life of a large family and offered up another reason to respect the reality show family. Opening their home up to critics, the Williams family has stayed strong and in their dedication to their family and religion, TLC has decided on ordering a second season of the show.