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'My Five Wives' spoilers: Which wife is trying for another baby?


Tonight is a new episode of "My Five Wives." On April 6, Radar Online shared the news that Brady Williams and one of his wives is planning to have another baby. News is out now that Nonie and Brady want another baby.

She is a bit unsure about telling her sister wives the news. They know what it means to have a baby and Nonie is unsure about talking about the new baby with the other wives. It is hard for to admit that they will obviously be having sex and trying often. The physical part of their relationship is something that these sister wives just don't talk about at all.

It is pretty interesting to see that these women try not to talk about the intimate part of their lives. Tonight Nonie will let them know they are trying to have a baby and then fans will get to see how they react to the news.

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