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'My Five Wives' spoilers: The wives battle for Brady


TLC viewers will be happy to know there is another new "My Five Wives" coming tonight. On Friday, Hit Fix shared a preview of this upcoming episode. The women all love Brady and they are battling for him in this clip. It is hard to always get what you want when your husband has to keep five women happy.

In this clip, Tamron Hall sits down to talk to the family about the show. She tries to get Rosemary to talk about how Paulie gets extra time with Brady. Paulie is the first wife. Rosemary doesn't want her time to get taken away at all, but of course the other wives don't like when that happens to them either. She thought it was a personal attack.

Rosemary shared that she has talked to Paulie about it, but now she doesn't think it was on purpose. They were able to work out their issues without airing that part on television so they are talking about it after the fact. Rosemary said she just asked Paulie if it was happening on purpose and then she got teary eyed talking about it. Obviously Rosemary doesn't want to discuss it at all and it doesn't look like she does it either.

Pop Dust also shared another preview with a few more spoilers for this finale. They will talk to Rhonda about her roller coaster with breast cancer. This was a very touching part of the show and proves how close these wives are to each other regardless of if they all want the attention from Brady. They all blessed her and wanted everything to turn out okay. Luckily so far she is doing great and it was just a scare.

Don't miss the finale of "My Five Wives" on May 11 on TLC. This show has already been renewed for a second season on TLC. If you love polygamy shows, don't miss "Sister Wives" when it returns in June.