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'My Five Wives' spoilers: Drama over if they should adopt


"My Five Wives" is the newest TLC show about polygamy. On March 14, E! Online shared a special preview full of spoilers about the upcoming episode. One wife wants to adopt and this is going to cause some trouble in paradise.

The fifth wife Rhonda is wanting to adopt another child. This would mean one more mouth to feed and also the cost of an adoption so of course it is not a decision to be taken lightly. She will take to Brady about it, but the others wives have say in what happens too.

The preview clip shows that Rhonda feels very lucky to be a mother. She wants to share it with other children and wants to adopt another one. She will be making a phone call to the adoption agency to see if it is even a possibility for the family. At least one other wife seems totally on board with the idea. When Rhonda makes the call, she has to explain that they are polygamist.

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