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‘My Five Wives’ season finale: Brady Williams gets a tattoo? Wives get flowers

Brady Williams and family
Brady Williams and family
Brady Williams/BradyandWives Official Facebook page

The fans of “My Five Wives” get to see some beautiful bouquets of flowers for the season finale of the popular TLC show. Brady Williams and his five wives celebrate the season of love on Valentine’s Day and the fans watch as he delivers bouquets to all his ladies on cupid’s special day. According to The Epoch Times on Friday, the series is nearing the end of the season and Brady wants to make sure all of the women are happy.

There is another reason besides Valentine’s Day for the flowers. Brady decided to get a tattoo and the reviews that he received from the wives aren't all positive. Looking to soften up everyone, the flowers seem to help forget about the ink and focus on the romance. According to Brady, giving the women flowers has always been a perfect solution as it melts their hearts.

Meanwhile, first-wife Paulie has to face reality as her oldest son leaves for his trip to Africa. The age range of the 24 kids has the family with kids old enough to be in high school and others in diapers. Sharing different parts of their lives with the cameras, the family focuses on the children and it is obvious to the viewers how much they care.

The breast cancer scare for Rhonda is still being played out for the viewers. Knowing she has a higher risk of cancer, there is a certain urgency for what the future holds for the woman.

As the series of “My Five Wives” ends, the fans of the show are wondering if there will be another season. The family might not be normal (compared to everyday standards,) but it most certainly did attack the viewers. Finding some closure for the story, it appears there are many more personal stories the family could share in the future.

“My Five Wives” season finale on TLC airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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