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‘My Five Wives’: Rosemary feels left out of Brady’s attention

Rosemary, Robyn,Rhonda, Brady, Paulie and Nonie
Rosemary, Robyn,Rhonda, Brady, Paulie and Nonie
TLC press photo

When a wife’s window is stuck open on a cold night, it stands to reason that she would turn to her husband to assist her. On Sunday night’s episode of “My Five Wives” on April 13, 2014, at 9 p.m. CST, on TLC, this request from Brady’s wife, Paulie, caused a lot of hard feelings.

The Williams family has a set schedule where Brady rotates between his five wives every night. It was Rosemary’s night and just as they were about to go to bed, Paulie, the first wife, called Brady with a request. Her window was stuck and it was getting cold in her house.

Rosemary was very aggravated that Brady jumped up and went to assist Paulie with the window. The stuck window was really just the tip of the iceberg, as it seemed that Rosemary had many more complaints about losing out on her time with Brady.

Each wife gets time away with Brady for birthdays and anniversaries. Rosemary was still waiting on her overnight get away to celebrate her and Brady’s 19th anniversary. Brady admitted that it is hard for him to keep up and that Rosemary was the last wife that he still owed an outing too.

Even though Rosemary is Brady’s third wife, she feels as if she gets less of his time than the other wives. She feels that Paulie intentionally sabotages her time with Brady and always seems to need Brady for something when it is Rosemary’s night to be with him. She was thrilled when Brady told her to go ahead and make plans for their anniversary trip.

The couple arranges to spend a night alone at a bed and breakfast to celebrate their 19th anniversary but instead of enjoying the time with Brady, Rosemary decides to voice her concerns about Paulie. Brady is adamant that Paulie doesn’t intentionally target Rosemary; it just seems to happen that way. Rosemary tells Brady that it has to stop.

It would be hard to be there for one wife every time she needs you, and Brady has to deal with it five times. He admits that that is something you must deal with when you choose a polygamist life style. He assures Rosemary of his love and commitment to her and also has a present for her.

Rosemary’s wedding ring had been broken for nearly two years. Brady finally took the ring in to have it fixed and gave it to her while they were on their anniversary trip. The ring made Rosemary happy, but she still stated that she has always felt like she had to fight for Brady’s time. She said that maybe she hadn’t made a big enough deal out of how she felt and it was time she spoke up.

It seems as if Brady is always trying to appease one wife or the other and it seems as if some of them are jealous of any extra time Brady has to spend with another wife. Tension builds and Brady is stuck in the middle of it all. What more can happen? Will Brady ever find enough time to please all five of his wives?

Tune into “My Five Wives” every Sunday night on TLC to see how this family functions. Join their Facebook page, Brady and Wives, where they try to answer as many questions as possible and post about their life and family.

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