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‘My Five Wives’: Rings, mammograms and manners

Rhonda continues to battle her breast cancer fears
TLC press photo

When it comes to Brady Williams and his five wives, there always seems to be some kind of crisis brewing. In the Sunday night, April 20, 2014, episode on TLC at 9 p.m. CTS, Brady found himself dealing with issues concerning Rhonda’s cancer scare, the kid’s bad manners and a new meltdown from Robyn, wife number two.

Rhonda, wife five, has been dealing with the fear of breast cancer for several weeks, yet she is handling it like a trooper, even sending Brady on dates with other wives when he would rather stay with her. Rhonda has even said that it was rough being alone, but it is the lifestyle of a polygamist and she knew what the rules were from the beginning, so they had to stick to the normal schedule.

With all of this going on with Rhonda, you would think the other wives would be concentrating on this serious issue, instead of having meltdowns about other things. This week, it was Robyn’s turn to have a meltdown and confront Brady in tears.

It seems that when it came around to Brady and Paulie’s 20th wedding anniversary, Brady made a big deal of buying his first wife a beautiful ring. He purchased the ring nearly six months in advance and was quite excited about it. Robyn’s 20th anniversary was soon to follow, yet she didn’t get the same fanfare excitement from Brady.

She had to remind Brady and then he took her to find a ring after their 20th anniversary had passed. When Rosemary showed Robyn her wedding rings that Brady had recently had fixed, the hurt and confusion Robyn felt came to the surface again and she decided to tell Brady how hurt she was because he had made such a big deal over Paulie’s ring.

While Robyn is sobbing over feeling slighted because of a ring, Rhonda is all alone, getting a mammogram that shows some suspicious areas that require a few more intense tests. She endures more testing and then spends a week waiting on results, going about her daily routine.

Meanwhile, the wives have decided that all of their sons are much too rowdy and tell Brady that he needs to talk to them about manners and respect. Ever agreeable to his wives, Brady meets with the boys and lays down the law about how they are supposed to act around their mothers and their sisters. The wives have complained about the boys not wearing shirts to meals and farting in front of their sisters, among other things. Boys will be boys, right?

Even though he has to deal with Robyn’s meltdown and his boys manners, Brady admits that his thoughts are on Rhonda and that he is extremely worried about her. Rhonda finally gets the mammogram results, yet she waits until she can be with Brady to read them. Together they discover the news is not so good and there is talk of a biopsy.

The next episode of “My Five Wives” on Sunday night, April 27, will be the season finale. There is no news yet as to if the show will be picked up to return to TLC. To keep up to date with Brady Williams and his five wives join their Facebook page or follow Brady on Twitter.

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