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‘My Five Wives’: Rhonda was supposed to have been wife number one

Brady, Rhonda and kids, Eden, Arwen, Nikolas and Lake.
Brady, Rhonda and kids, Eden, Arwen, Nikolas and Lake.
TLC press photo

As the season progresses, we learn even more about this family that calls their selves “progressive polygamists.” The March 23, 2014 show that aired on TLC at 9: p.m. CT surprised many viewers, when Rhonda, wife number five, and Brady had an intimate discussion over dinner about their past.

The couple had travelled to Washington to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, even though the planning was nearly four years late. It is rare for any of the wives to spend 7 days alone with Brady without the other wives or the children. This was a big deal for Rhonda and the couple appeared to be totally in love as they laughed and joked and held hands.

The dinner discussion turned to how they met and Brady revealed to viewers that he and Rhonda had actually met years ago, before he married his first wife Paulie. He and Rhonda dated and he fully intended to marry her, making her the first and only legal wife.

Rhonda admitted that she “got cold feet” and the young couple broke up after just a few months. Brady went on to marry Paulie and start a family with her. It took 10 more years and three more wives before Rhonda joined them all to become wife number five.

Brady Williams seems to truly love each and every one of his wives, but one has to wonder if Rhonda holds a very special place considering that she was his first love and it took him all of those years to win her over.

The couple even admitted that they were sorry for the 10 years that they had missed together. Brady and Rhonda have been together for 14 years and have 4 children. They are also discussing adopting a fifth child, which would make 25 children in total between Brady and his five wives.

Rhonda has worked as a medical assistant for the past twenty three years and says that she loves her job. Brady considers Rhonda the nurturing “Mom” of the family and states that all of the kids go to her for their “Boo-Boos.” She loves all children and this may be part of the reason she wants to adopt.

Rhonda may be the “newest” wife to join the Williams family, but it appears she is the one that has known Brady the longest. Does this cause more controversy or jealousy among the wives? One would think it would have to, but time will tell how the jealousy of “My Five Wives” plays out as the season progresses.

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