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“My Five Wives”: Rhonda tells sister wives about her breast cancer concerns

Sister wives support Rhonda through breast cancer scare
Sister wives support Rhonda through breast cancer scare
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Worrying about breast cancer is scary for any woman. Having friends and family to support you is reassuring. On Sunday night’s episode of “My Five Wives” aired on TLC at 9 p.m. CST, Rhonda found out just how supportive her sister wives were about dealing with this worrisome matter.

In a prior episode, Rhonda confessed to Paulie that she was having some issues with her breasts and Paulie urged her to have it checked out. According to Rhonda, she had been through a breast cancer scare years before when she found a lump. When it was checked out, she was told it was nothing, but was advised to have regular exams and to keep on top of it.

Worrying about family finances, Rhonda quickly put it to the back of her mind and didn’t keep up with breast exams as she was instructed to do. When she recently found a new lump, she, once again, kept it to herself until Paulie found out about a recent doctors visit and questioned her.

Paulie told Rhonda that she needed to discuss the issue with Brady and with the other sister wives, but Rhonda was reluctant to worry them until she knew more about what she was dealing with. Paulie convinced her by asking:

“What if it was one of us? Wouldn’t you want to know?”

Rhonda first confided in Brady, just as he was planning to leave for an anniversary celebration with Rosemary. Shocked, Brady wanted to cancel his plans and stay with her. Rhonda convinced him that he should go and that they would all talk about it when he returned. She also promised that she would schedule a mammogram as soon as possible, even though she tried to make light of it.

When Brady and Rosemary returned from their trip, he and his five wives sat down for a discussion and Rhonda tearfully told her sister wives what was happening with her. As a medical assistant, Rhonda is well aware of the symptoms and danger of breast cancer, yet she attempted to convince her sister wives that they shouldn’t worry yet.

Each wife tearfully said that they would be there for her, no matter what happened. Brady and his other four wives gathered around Rhonda and offered a hands-on blessing for her body to help and heal. Brady choked up and turned away as he laid his hands on his fifth wife’s head and offered the blessing. Relieved to have a loving support system, Rhonda stated that it is the first time she had been at peace for several weeks.

Will Rhonda’s test reveal her worse fears? What happens to her plans to adopt if she does have breast cancer? Tune in to “My Five Wives” on Sunday nights on TLC or join Brady and Wives on Facebook to wish Rhonda well as she schedules her testing.

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