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'My Five Wives' on TLC renewed for season two


News is out that "My Five Wives" has been renewed for a second season on TLC and fans couldn't be more excited about this news. On Sunday, The Epoch Times shared the news that this show is coming back again. Last night the fans got to see an episode that was full of the family answering questions from their fans and next week there is another episode like this with just the wives.

It is now official that "My Five Wives" is coming back for season two. There is not a premiere date set yet. It will be sometime in the fall of 2014. TLC obviously has good luck with their polygamy shows. "Sister Wives" will be back in June of 2014 and it has been a huge hit for the network.

"My Five Wives" follows the lives of Brady Williams and his five wives. It shows all about their lives together and how they make it work. Right now they have a lot going on and so it will be great for this show to return giving fans a chance to see more of their lives together.

TV Pulse shared about how this family talked to fans about their questions for them. They didn't hold anything back on this show. Brady and his wives even talked about how they don't share a bed regardless of what people think that they might do that sometimes. It wouldn't even be comfortable for them to all sleep together. The kids also talked about wanting to live polygamy when they grow up and none of them admitted this is the lifestyle that they want in the future.

"My Five Wives" airs on Sunday nights on TLC. Don't miss the last episode of this season when it airs on May 11. This one will be full of answers about more questions from the fans.