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'My Five Wives' on TLC makes fans wonder: Where is 'Sister Wives'?


Tonight was the big premiere of "My Five Wives" on TLC. On March 9, fans got to see this new show and meet Brady and his five wives. It made a lot of fans wonder if their show "Sister Wives" had been canceled already or what happened to it.

Kody Brown answered a fan on Twitter tonight. He did say that he was watching the show and that he is friends with the Darger family. He obviously seemed very happy with the fact that they got their own show and wasn't upset by it at all.

So far there is no news out if "Sister Wives" has been picked up for another season, but it did air the last finale a few weeks ago. TLC normally is really slow about letting fans know if shows are coming back again or not. That means that right now you should expect to see the Brown family again. They have not been officially canceled or renewed though.

"My Five Wives" is now airing on Sunday nights on TLC.

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