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‘My Five Wives’ offers a look at plural families; Brady Williams has 24 kids

My Five Wives debuts on TLC
My Five Wives debuts on TLC
Brady Williams/My Five Wives

My Five Wives is another show offering a look at plural families and fans will once again see the spotlight shining on Utah. The reality show on TLC chronicles the life of Brady Williams, his five wives and their 24 children who live in a small rural community outside of Salt Lake City. According to ABC News on Saturday, the experience of sharing the lifestyle has been liberating for the families who otherwise might not have the approval of the community.

Season one picks up where the pilot stopped, focusing on the family as they experience the ups and downs of living a plural lifestyle. Expect nothing short of chaos and all the conditions of making things happen with a big family. Obviously it is bound to be entertaining.

With all the interest on Brady Williams and his lifestyle choice, viewers have to ask why the big families with extreme religious values are getting airtime. Consider some of the men who have large families like the Kody Brown (Sister Wives) and Jim Bob Duggar (19 Kids and Counting) have successful shows.

Nothing short of respect is offered to the individuals who share their lifestyles with others as it’s not our place to judge religion on television, but the idea that America obsesses over their lifestyle is intriguing. What does Brady, Kody or Jim Bob offer their family that American families don’t have? Does everyone want a really big family? Obviously the answer to those questions and more is why fans around the country will be tuning in on Sunday night to see My Five Wives on TLC.