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‘My Five Wives’: Move over ‘Sister Wives’ TLC has a new show in town

Meet Brady Williams who has said I do 5 times
Meet Brady Williams who has said I do 5 times
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In September of 2013, TLC aired a special about another polygamist family named the Williams. The show was so well viewed that according to a post on the Williams Family Facebook page, dated February 17, 2014, there will be a series premiere of the show on March 9 at 10 p.m. ET. TLC intends to run a 9-episode series on this new family.

“My Five Wives” will center on Brady Williams, his five wives and their 24 children. Why would TLC want another show to compete with their popular “Sister Wives” show that follows Kody Brown, his four wives and their 17 children? The Brady Williams family will show a different, more progressive style of polygamy.

The Williams still live and work in Utah while the Browns had to flee to avoid prosecution. Brady Brown runs a construction company that one of his five wives helps him with. Viewers have never been quite sure what Kody Brown actually does to support his family.

“My Five Wives” is being billed as “more progressive” and does not appear to sport the modesty in dress or behavior than the Brown wives do. The show promises to allow viewers to see more of the private relationships that Williams has with each of his five wives.

The Williams family all live together on their family’s large property in Utah, in what appears to be a big spawling house. The dynamics of that alone make them different than the “Sister Wives” who all live in separate houses on a cul de sac in Las Vegas.

Brady has been married to his first wife, Paulie, for 21 years and married Robyn just 9 months later. Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda also joined the family and each had children of their own with Brady for a grand total of 24 children over the years. The William’s kids range in age from 21 years old down to a baby of 2 years old, with several of them being the same age.

While the two shows are similar because of the plural marriages, the everyday life of the two families will probably be much different. TLC has met with many dire comments from those who do not believe in the lifestyle of these families. They have also been applauded for airing such a controversial topic.

Whether it is your lifestyle choice or not, it is always interesting to learn more about different ways of life and even the differences in the same type of lifestyle. “MY Five Wives” will give us an entirely different prospective on life in a plural marriage than the show “Sister Wives” does.

If you’d like to meet the Williams family before the series premiere you can see several videos of their unique lifestyle at, go to their official Facebook page (above) or find them on Twitter. Be sure to watch the series premiere on March 9, 2014 at 10 p.m. ET and let the Williams know what you think.

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