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‘My Five Wives’: Kids coming and kids going

Brady and Paulie will soon lose three of their six kids living at home
Brady and Paulie will soon lose three of their six kids living at home
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Paulie is Brady’s first wife, thus she and Brady have the oldest children of the large family. On the March 30, 2014 episode of “My Five Wives” on TLC at 9: p.m. CT, Paulie was faced with the joy of a child returning for a visit, plus the worry and heartbreak of children getting ready to leave the nest and explore the world on their own.

Karlie is Paulie and Brady’s oldest daughter. Karlie is married and lives in South Dakota. She and her husband returned for a visit with her family over the Christmas holidays.

Though Karlie was raised in a polygamist life style and had five “mothers” she has made the choice to have only one husband. According to Karlie, she has no desire to have “Sister Wives.”

I don’t want to share my husband!”

While this may appear as an insult to the life she lived and to the five wives, it also a testament to how she was raised. Apparently the family raised her to follow her own heart and to lead the life she is happy with. They all seem quite fine with the choice she has made to live in a monogamous marriage instead of following in her parent’s lifestyle of polygamy.

Paulie is thrilled to have Karlie back home for a visit, but her thoughts soon turns to a mother’s worry when her 18-year-old son, Joshua, announces that he plans to go to Africa for a couple of years to do missionary work. She worries of the danger even though he will be staying with Brady’s brother. Josh assures he will be fine, but even though she supports his decision, she is still not ready to let him leave the nest.

To make matters worse, another of Paulie and Brady’s daughters is planning to go away to college and is also excited at the prospect of testing her wings outside of the large family unit. All of this is going on during the holiday season, making Paulie less than cheerful.

That will make three of Paulie and Brady’s six kids that are leaving the family home. Paulie has got to be feeling the “empty nester” syndrome, even though she still has three more kids at home. If you watched “Sister Wives” you will remember when Meri, Kody’s first wife, was crushed when her only daughter went away to college, leaving her the only wife with no children at home.

She began to feel like she had no place in the family, as the younger wives had small kids in common and spent a lot of time together. Will this “first wife, first to have kids leave” syndrome have an effect on how Paulie interacts in the family? Let’s not forget, that a couple of the other wives are hoping to have more children.

How will Paulie react as her household gets smaller and the other wives household possibly gets larger? Watch next week’s episode of “My Five Wives” on TLC, as the conversation of more babies is brought up yet again.

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