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‘My Five Wives’ gets renewed by TLC for another season

'My Five Wives' returns for another season on TLC
'My Five Wives' returns for another season on TLC
TLC press photo

Viewers and fans of the hit TV show, “My Five Wives,” are excited by the news released today, April 30, 2014, by The Hollywood Reporter. According to this source, the show has been renewed by TLC and will air again next season. Eight new episodes of Brady Williams and his family will start in the fall.

Viewers were disappointed when the season finale aired last Sunday night and have been watching the Brady family’s Facebook page for an announcement. Within minutes of the family sharing the announcement, the post started gathering many comments of excitement and congratulations.

According to the news source, the show has averaged nearly 1.2 million total viewers this first season, so it stands to reason that TLC would bring the family back and give the viewers what they want. Will you be waiting for more answers?

In the season finale, a lot of things were left unresolved and the viewers were clamoring for answers. Nonie, Brady’s fourth wife, has wanted another baby. The show ended with Nonie having a pregnancy test in hand, but yet to take it. Viewers will now get to see those results, even if they have to wait several months.

So what’s in store for next season for “My Five Wives?” No one is saying as of yet, but you can bet, with one man, five wives and 24 (or maybe 25) children, it is sure to be chaotic and interesting.

TLC has one last show scheduled for the Williams family this season. Next Sunday night, May 4, Brady and has wives will sit down and answer questions from viewers. Perhaps they will give us a sneak peek into what they have planned for next season. Tune in to TLC at 9 pm CST.

Meanwhile, you can keep up with Brady and his 5 wives via their Facebook or Twitter page.

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