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‘My Five Wives’: Final show leaves unanswered questions

Will TLC renew the show for another season?
Will TLC renew the show for another season?
TLC press photo

TLC aired the final show of “My Five Wives” on Sunday night, April 27, 2014 at 9 p.m. CST. As usual the show was packed full of action as Brady Williams and his family tried to handle a multitude of family matters. The show also left us hanging on many unanswered questions.

The biggest question viewers are asking is if TLC will be picking the show back up for another season. As of yet, there has been no word from TLC or the Brady family whether they will be returning for another season. Are we to be left hanging without finding out how several things were resolved?

Robyn, has expressed disappointment and hurt over how Brady handled Paulie’s 20th anniversary compared to hers. She feels that they (she and Brady) need to work on finding a better connection in their marriage. She also has returned the anniversary ring he bought her and is waiting for him to “make it up to her.” Will he find a way?

Nonie has decided that she wants another baby and finally convinced Brady to agree to it, even though the family already has 24 children. Rhonda is the only other wife that knows about Nonie’s plans to increase the family, and that may be coming sooner than anyone expected. Sunday night’s show gave us a glimpse of Nonie going to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. Will we find out if the results are what she is hoping for or will we be left wondering about that too?

Paulie is going through a bit of empty nest syndrome, as her oldest child has married and moved away already and other children are soon leaving too. On Sunday night’s show, she and Brady’s son, Josh, left for an extended stay in Africa and another of her kids expressed a desire to live away from home to attend college. How will Paulie handle her household becoming smaller, as other wives possibly increase?

Though the show, “My Five Wives” has ended, TLC will air a special next Sunday night that will be a “FAQ Special.” Brady Williams and his wives will sit and answer questions from viewers. According to the preview, the viewers ask some pretty personal questions. Will the Brady family answer them?

It seems as though the show has ended in a place that leaves viewers wanting more, but will they get it? Examiner will keep you updated on “My Five Wives” and report any news about a new season as soon as we find out. You can also find out more about this unique family via their Facebook or Twitter page.

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