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‘My Five Wives’: Fifteen-year-old September, date or just dinner

Brady battles with teenage dating rules
Brady battles with teenage dating rules
TLC press photo

In the April 6, 2014 episode of “My Five Wives” aired on TLC at 9 p.m. CST, fifteen–year-old September announces to her mother, Paulie, that a “dude” has asked her out to dinner. Paulie questions whether this is considered a “date” or just dinner, knowing that Brady will not allow his daughters to date at such an age.

This may not seem like such a big deal to some, but when you have as many children as Brady Williams and his five wives, dating rules have to be set and followed or chaos will break out. Paulie discusses September's request with Brady and he immediately goes in search of his daughter to question her about specifics.

Apparently, it’s the “dude’s” birthday dinner and several members of his family will be in attendance. September insists it’s just “dinner with a friend’s family.” Paulie also tells Brady she doesn’t think there are any feelings involved between the two children. Brady responds:

“Of course there are feelings or the boy wouldn’t have asked her.”

After a stern talking to and rules set that she is not to be alone with the boy, his family is to bring her home, not him, she has a curfew, and Brady’s insisting that September supply the boy's phone number, she is finally given permission to go to dinner.

Brady’s general rule is that his children are allowed group dates at the age of 16 and couple date when they are 18 years old. He thought that may be too generalized now and told his wives that they should all agree among themselves on just what is expected of the kids when it comes to dating, and to make sure it is being applied over all of the children.

Paulie reminded him that when their oldest daughter started dating and eventually married, the two of them made the decisions, though she did agree there should be a uniform rule that they all agree on and that all of the teenage children should know exactly what they may or may not do.

All parents worry about their teenage child’s first date or dinner, but when you have five wives and 24 kids it can create other conflicts within the family. Parents usually wait up for their child’s first attempt at dating to be sure they return home safely and to hear how it went.

The problem this creates within a polygamist family is that September is Brady and Paulie’s daughter. Brady waited with Paulie even though it was Rosemary’s night to be with him. It seems that special circumstances may allow one wife to get extra time with Brady and leave another wife lacking that special alone time they all seem to vie for.

As the children get older and more of them start to date this could create a lot of tension in the household. What if children from different mothers date on the same night? Will Brady and both wives wait up together? Will the other wives feel even more left out? It would certainly be a hard act to juggle.

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