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‘My Five Wives’: Brady’s safe talk idea ends with yelling and hurt feelings

The Williams family call them selves progressive polygamysts.
The Williams family call them selves progressive polygamysts.
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The much awaited show “My Five Wives” premiered on TLC on March 9, 2014 at 9: p.m. CT. The show follows the life of Brady Williams who calls himself a “progressive polygamist.” Brady, his 5 wives and 24 children live in Utah and share two huge houses set side by side, where each wife has her own apartment inside the houses.

Williams rotates staying with each wife nightly so that they can have some alone time and discuss things that are going on between them or in the extra-large family. Each morning he makes his rounds to each individual wife to kiss them goodbye and see the individual children.

Williams runs a construction business and also goes to college. This leaves his five wives pretty much to run the households and take care of things. It also causes tension and the wives go running to Williams to take care of issues.

Brady called a family meeting with the five wives and told them he wanted to implement a “safe talk” between the wives, so they wouldn’t be running to him with issues. He wanted them to go to each other in a one-on-way situation and discuss any issue they had with each other. He thought it may bring his five wives closer to each other and cut him out as being the middle man.

Paulie, the first wife, decides this is a good idea and jumps at the chance to go talk to Nonie, Brady’s fourth wife. It seems Paulie has always paid the family bills and Nonie took it upon herself to pay one without telling Paulie. Nonie became quite defensive when Paulie requested that if Nonie wished to continue doing that she could at least tell her.

What was supposed to be a “safe talk” ended up with Nonie texting Brady at work all upset. When Brady tried to talk to Nonie about being so upset and defensive about it the safe talk, the two of them ended up screaming and yelling at each other. Nonie told him she didn’t want any part of any safe talks.

Brady ended up calling the wives back together and telling them that he was wrong. He thought “safe talk” was a good idea, but apparently it had back fired on him. To keep the peace, he took back his position of the five wives go between.

“My Five Wives” differs from “Sister Wives” because the Williams do consider their selves progressive polygamist. The wives do not dress near as conservatively and the cameras capture a bit more of the interactions between Brady and the individual wives. They appear to be your everyday working class family, except Brady deals with wife issues five different times.

Tune into the show next week on TLC at 9: p.m. CT where the five wives are discussing adding more children to the already large family. One wants to have another baby, one wants to adopt and one insists they all agreed there would be no more children. You can also join the Williams family on their Facebook page. It could get interesting!

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