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‘My Five Wives’: Baby talks continue with Rhonda and Nonie

Will My Five Wives soon have more children?
Will My Five Wives soon have more children?
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In past episodes of “My Five Wives” two of Brady’s wives have told him they would like more children. In the most recent episode, on April 6, 2014, on TLC at 9 p.m. CTS, the discussions continued but the two wives got much different news.

Rhonda, wife number five, has had some health issues and has decided to pursue adoption instead of pregnancy. At first they felt that their polygamist status would interfere and were thrilled to find out that the Brown family (Sister Wives) had challenged the law of it being illegal to co-habitat with several wives and that the law had been overturned.

Rhonda’s dreams were put on hold once more when the adoption agency told her that the status of that law had been “put on hold.” Brady didn’t take the news lightly and contacted his lawyer. The lawyer told him that the law had been over turned and they were no longer technically breaking the law.

Unfortunately it didn’t have anything to do with the adoption law and Utah doesn’t adopt to couples who are living together because it is not in the child’s best interest. He even suggested that Rhonda move out and attempt adoption as a single parent if she was serious about it. He also told them that there were several states that were more liberal about non-married couples adopting.

The two were happy to hear that Washington was one of the states, as they both want to move there, even though the other wives are not sure about the move. Brady promised Rhonda that he would make some calls and see what he could find out about adopting out of state.

Nonie, wife four, also approached Brady about having another child and while he has said he wasn’t sure about more children, she is determined to bring it up again. She and Brady are planning an anniversary trip, so she believes it will be the perfect opportunity to spend time alone with him and discuss having a baby again.

Apparently she knows her husband well, because over breakfast she did bring the subject up and Brady told her that he had thought about it and that he would like to have another baby with her. Nonie was thrilled but wonders how to bring it up to her sister wives.

While the wives know that they all have intimate relationships with Brady, they don’t like to be reminded of it or discuss it and Nonie wanting to get pregnant would certainly be a reminder! Will more babies appear soon? Will the other three wives decide they also want more children too?

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