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‘My Five Wives’ baby decision; Brady Williams family continues to grow

My Five Wives
My Five Wives
My Five Wives/TLC

TLC's My Five Wives has the journey of Brady Williams’ polygamist family continue on Sunday night and there is big news on the way. In a new sneak peek of the Sunday night broadcast, Nonie (wife number four) discusses that a decision has been made to get pregnant on their anniversary and she will be trying over the next few weeks. According to Radar Online on Sunday, the subject of sex is not really discussed among the sister wives so Nonie hasn't told the whole family of the decision.

While Nonie keeps it a secret, the reality star readily admits that she doesn't feel good about not telling everyone before getting pregnant. Knowing that the decision is big, it also might impact the other ladies and some feelings might come up as well. Deciding when to tell has become Nonie’s big dilemma.

If My Five Wives adds another child to the series that would be Brady Williams’ 25 kid in the family. While the series focuses on the lifestyle of the entire family, it appears that the children (along with the baby making) are very big issues in the household as the family unit offers the foundation to their lifestyle.

My Five Wives is on TLC airing Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.