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‘My Five Wives’ anniversary ring divides wives; Brady Williams deals with crisis

Brady Williams
Brady Williams
Brady Williams/BradyandWives Official Facebook page

The “My Five Wives” fans will be watching how Brady Williams deals with crisis in the home on Sunday night. The TLC reality show offers a glimpse of how life with five wives works and even though the family is big, there are concerns when it comes to which wife is appreciated more. According to HitFix on Friday, Brady realizes he's in trouble when third wife Rosemary and second wife Robyn sit down to have a "safe talk" with him.

Apparently Robyn is troubled on how she got her anniversary ring. After finding out that it was purchased in a way that she didn't feel reflected their relationship, the tears start flowing. It’s obvious the genuine pain felt by the reality star has caused an issue among the sister wives and the decision to come to Brady was done to try and clear the air.

Sharing that he knows when there is trouble, Brady Williams admits on "My Five Wives" that he stops and listens when more than one wife shows up to talk. While there might be an issue at hand, usually one wife is there for moral support so the situation can be worked out. The issue seems to be serious as Zap2It reported that the Robyn found out Rosemary was treated to a much better 20th anniversary date and felt she was not appreciated.

With the ring being discussed, Brady Williams’ decision must reflect his wife’s concerns as well as be fair to all the ladies he loves. It can’t be easy as that means there needs to be a do over on some capacity to make the situation feel good again.

It seems that few secrets are kept between the five wives and Brady Williams. With all the adults knowing what it going on, there seems a group decision that the situation should be resolved so no feelings are hurt.

“My Five Wives” airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on TLC. Check out how delicate Brady Williams handles his wife’s concern and what he does to make it fair. Apparently having five wives isn't as easy as it looks.

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