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‘My Five Wives’: 24 kids and counting?

Three of the Brady Williams wives want more children
Three of the Brady Williams wives want more children
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The episode of “My Five Wives” that aired on March 16, 2014, on TLC at 9: p.m. CT put viewers in mind of the show the Duggar family stars in, as the various William’s wives explored the possibility of adding more children to the large clan of 24 kids that they already have.

It seems that Rhonda, wife number five, has decided to explore the possibility of adoption. She has had some trouble with prior pregnancies and discussed with Brady the possibility of adding to their family through adoption.

Applying to adopt could open up a whole new can of worms for the Williams family. Even though Rhonda is technically a “single” mother according to law, she is still living in a polygamist relationship which is illegal. Knowing this, she still plans to go ahead and seek out an agency and ask questions.

When the other wives find out that Rhonda and Brady are considering adoption, they all have opinions and mixed feelings about it and have no problem saying so. Nonie, Brady’s fourth wife, is the most vocal about it.

For years, our family has kind of agreed that we were done having children. I thought those doors were closed. Now I want to know if those doors are open to me too.”

Nonie even goes so far as to discuss the option with Brady, saying she is not sure if she wants to have another baby right now but would like to consider the possibility. She asked him to at least think about it.

Third wife Rosemary doesn’t actually approach Brady about the subject but appears to be very upset about the idea of two other wives discussing having more babies. Whenever she has brought the subject up to Brady in the past about having more children he has said he is already overwhelmed. Rosemary admits that she would be jealous if he said yes to two other wives and not her.

Rhonda and Brady have four children, Nonie and Brady have five children and he and Rosemary have four kids. Brady has stated before how overwhelming it is to take care of his large family and that groceries alone cost nearly $1000.00 a month. Two more children would add to the financial struggle quite a bit.

Tune in to next week’s episode of “My Five Wives” on TLC to find out if the “I want a baby” talks continue and if the other wives join in too. Find out more on the Brady Williams family on their Facebook page.

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