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Conversation With A liberal White Woman

Joy: “Hi Bill.
Me: “Hello Joy, I hope you are doing well today. LaDarion told me that you attended a rally with them yesterday.
Joy: “Yeah, it was great. I think we need this dialog in this country. After all the things white people do to every group that they come in contact with.
Me: “Joy, last time I looked you were white.”
Joy: “Yes, I know but I am sensitive to the plights of blacks because of slavery and I want to give back.”
Me: “Ok. But did you ever take?”
Joy: “Not me personally, but my people did.”
Me: “Your people meaning your parents, grand parents, great grand parents, etc.?
Joy: “Actually, I am not aware of anyone in my family being a slave owner or even racist. However, let’s be honest, there is white privilege, ya know!”
Me: “I suppose to some it is a privilege to be blamed for every evil thing on earth. That takes skill. You folk got game.”

Joy: “Yea, I know. White people have controlled so much of the world and it is just screwed up.

Me: “Ok, I want your bank accounts, house and your first born child.”
Joy: “What!”
Me: “Well I think that would be sufficient to knock out that self loathing that you have for yourself.”
Joy: “I don’t loathe myself!”
Me: “Joy, what if I told you that the first person who owned a slave for life in this country was black and he owned another black person? What if I told you in some places up to ¼ of free blacks owned slaves? Did you know that Indians owned slaves, particularly Cherokee of whom I have ancestors? What if I told you I had black ancestors who owned slaves? Did you know that blacks owned white slaves for 100s of years before the USA even existed?
Joy: “You are trying to make like everything was equal between blacks and whites.”

Me: “No I am not. Believe it or not, I can remember when it was a given that you were not to go into certain establishments unless you were white. I remember my uncle who was the rightful foreman of a farm enterprise but could not be officially. I remember being told that there were no more jobs and a white friend could go right in and get one, so you are mistaken. That is not what I am saying.”
Joy: “Then what are you saying?”

Me: “I am saying that all people are alike.” There are those of them that will always take advantage of others. If they get into government power, they will find a way to put their evil into law.” It has been estimated that 4,000 blacks were lynched, but did you know that even in a day when they had to hide whites being lynched, there were more than 1500 documented cases where they were; because they supported rights for blacks?” Do you suppose that they or their children also need to give back? If my ancestors were slave holders should I give back too?” Most whites never owned slaves and many are just second generation here in this country.”

Joy: “You are a nice person and you do have some good points, yet something must be done to stop this new racial strife.”

Me: “I am not being nice. Read Ezekiel 18. “The fathers shall not bear the sins of their children and neither shall the children bear the sins of their fathers; everyone shall bare their own sins.” Never ever allow anyone to get you to hold anyone, including yourself guilty for what some one else did, even if it was a parent, unless you consciously helped to do it.”
Joy: “Hmmmm, interesting.”
Me: “By the way, if you cannot buy into what I think should be obvious; then give me your money in denominations of 20s and 100s and I will now only accept your first born Martian as sufficient pay for your evil of being privileged.”
Joy: “I suppose you think that was funny?”
Me. “No funnier than the situation you have allowed yourself to be placed.”
Me: “Look, it is ok to be sympathetic to all manner of things. That makes us decent human beings. Yet if George Washington Carver could become a great scientist in the days of real racism, there is no place for excuses against success today. America is not some bad place in which any group cannot do just about what they want. To play into the hands of those that are telling themselves and their children that this is not true literally brainwashes people into remaining in bondage much more difficult to survive than the physical one; which was easier to see. This is a mental slavery through which as many people as possible can be herded for political gain. You are being caught up into that promotional bondage.”

If this sounds like a conversation that I had with you; trust me, it wasn’t you!

The awesome story of the destiny of man

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