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My experience with EnduroShield® for Glass application

The copy says that new EnduroShield® Home Surface Treatment kits are a line of DIY household surface treatments that repel water and oil for more than three years when applied to glass, stainless steel and chrome. It cuts cleaning time by making common household surfaces easier to clean.

Use protective wear for your application of EnduroShield for Glass
Image by Andrea Campbell

Similar to a non-stick frying pan, liquids bead up on treated surfaces lessening dirt, grime and mineral deposits. In most environments, cleaning requires only water and a microfiber cloth. EnduroShield is easy to apply, long lasting, and eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners. The product is now available at Home Depot stores nationwide. Below is additional information.

EnduroShield® for Glass
- Ideal for indoor and outdoor glass surfaces – such as shower doors, mirrors and windows
- Protects against stains and etching caused by the build-up of soap scum, oils, lime scale, dirt, and grime

My Experience with EnduroShield® for Glass application:

I applied EnduroShield® on our glass shower doors and cannot wait to see how it works over time.

  • To begin, I am going to offer some tips on prep and application. I washed the shower doors first with vinegar and water—wiping several times and making sure that all evidence of scum was gone.
  • Next, I suited up (see photo) and took extra preparation. Since the doors are already in place and in service, I went to get a circulating fan to provide extra ventilation. A trip to the garage and I found the vinyl gloves, the respirator and 3M plastic protective glasses.
  • The spray cleaner that comes with the kit is fairly strong and can be odoriferous so spray it on (you have to prime the pump several times to get it to function) and quickly wipe with the enclosed steel wool, followed by a soft cloth.
  • Finally, apply the shield spray with another bottle that needs to be primed and pumped several times. Use the enclosed cloth to apply, then follow with another soft cloth (I used microfiber) to buff the shine.
  • I over-lapped the spray so I know everything was covered and made sure to work right to the edges of the glass, twice over. That’s it.

I have since used the shower several times and it appears that the water sheets off the shower doors much better. A wipe with a soft cloth or lightly squeegee and the doors should be clean of water. Less water sitting, less mold and yucky stuff to worry about building up.

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