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My Exclusive with the Flyers' Orange Man Part 2

Orange Man in post-shorts era with BFF Bearon
Orange Man in post-shorts era with BFF Bearon

Now that you know a little bit about Orange Man's past, it's time to answer the important questions about the Flyers vitamin enriched mascot.

You may have a clue as to what Benny the Bull has for breakfast or what Southpaw's morning routine is, but I doubt this same knowledge applies to Orange Man.

All these questions and more can be answered in Part 2 of my exclusive interview with the one-and-only Orange Man.

RG: What is Orange Man’s morning routine?

OM: “Orange Man gets up, he doesn’t need to shave because he’s smooth as silk already, but he does shower quite frequently. Running around the field does get dirty and he gets stinky pretty fast. He has an orange and a cup of orange juice for breakfast. He has a box of Orange’Os [Cheerios dyed orange], but he also likes Lucky Charms and then he drives to work.”

RG: You mentioned something about venturing into music. Who is he trying to work with right now?

OM: “He’s trying to work with Eiffel 65 because they made the blue song and he wants to make ‘I’m an Orange,’ but they won’t do it because nothing rhymes with orange. He would like to do something with music, but I think he’s going to stick with the mascot stuff.”

RG: Does Orange Man have a girlfriend?

OM: “Back on 70’s night, one of the SYN Vodka dancers wore a very bright orange costume, so the joke was that Orange Man and she should be dating. Orange Man does have a girlfriend down in Indiana and he’s pretty satisfied with where he’s at.”

RG: Who is Orange Man’s superhero/mascot BFF?

OM: “His best friend is Bearon. Bearon is a superhero because he inspires kids to be there best. I like to think Bearon is a superhero because he’s always smiling. We can’t smile forever, but Bearon can and I would like to think that being happy all the time is a superpower in itself. They inspire happiness together in the park.”

RG: What are three words that best describe Orange Man?

OM: Creepy. Orange Man is the creepiest superhero/mascot to ever set foot in this park. Orange Man is creepy because he doesn’t have a face and he doesn’t talk. Goofy. Goofy is Orange Man’s personality. Motivated. Orange Man has motivated me to come into work every day.”

RG: Where does Orange Man reside?

OM: “Orange Man spends his winters in Florida growing oranges on the trees. His summers are spent at Alexian Field, but he’s currently in school to learn how to professionally be the Syracuse Orange. Orange Man is hoping to gain some weight and be the Syracuse Orange some day.”

RG: Was Orange Man nervous during his debut this season?

OM: “Very nervous. You don’t know what to expect and how the fans are going to react. There were a lot more questions when I ran out for the first time, but after that, it wasn’t a big deal. It was like, ‘Oh, I know how this feels, so let’s do this.’”


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