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My Divorce Prep LLC; an online platform to ease the burden of divorce

Divorce isn't always easy but ease the stress with My Divorce Prep, LLC
Divorce isn't always easy but ease the stress with My Divorce Prep, LLC

Although the divorce rate amongst couple with children is significantly lower (40%) than couples without children it does still happen. And as amicable as a divorce may be children are still affected by the change in their lives. There's a new tool available now that can help ease some of the stress when it comes to divorce in the way of visitation schedules, alimony and child support payments, journals and expense reports.

My Divorce Prep, LLC was created by Ken Askenase based on his own experiences when he was preparing for his own divorce. According to Ken Askenase, 'During my own divorce and unfortunately preparing for a potential trial over custodial and financial disputes there were no good products available for my needs at a reasonable cost. I developed the custody app and other products to assist others during and after the divorce process. Many of these products didn’t exist or didn’t provide the information needed to prepare for life during and after divorce'. The My Divorce Prep app is a subscription based website that allows you to subscribe to only the parts that you need instead of the entire app. Separate parts that you can purchase include the Custody/Calender, Journal, Expense Watchdog and Checkbook. The calendar app works in conjunction with the Web Divorce Prep website.

One may wonder if these are actual legal documents that can be used in court. In fact, the 'software is designed so that the subscribers can print out the imbued data and present the information to a lawyer, mediator or judge', says Ken Askenase. The custody/calendar is also an efficient way to keep track of activities, schedules and upcoming events not just for the subscriber but for additional people as well. The mail account holder can set up 'guest accounts' that are set to 'read only' with no editing privileges. This way co-parents, grandparents, children and any one else the subscriber wants to allow access to can see the custody schedule and any other information that has been entered. And with the 'read only' option there's no fear of anyone tampering with information that has already been inputted.

'I believe the app and subscription services can make the tedious difficult divorce process less stressful and more palatable. The 'custody and event calendar app' can relieve parents and caregivers of the many aggravations that creating a custody schedule can create. The 'checkbook', journal' and 'expense watchdog' can provide the organization necessary to prepare for life pre and post divorce.'

As part of the Custody and Event Calendar portion of the app you will have the ability to:

  • Calculate each parental or custodial overnight percentage.

  • Choose from 10 of the most common custody schedules that have been pre-formatted, or create your own custody schedule.

  • Easily adjust the pre-formatted schedules to your unique custody arrangement.

  • View what your custody schedule will look like on a calendar.

  • Add numerous child events for each day.

  • View child’s event title and details of event with one click.

  • Set events as recurring: daily, weekday, weekly or monthly.

  • Share your calendar with your ex-spouse, grandparent or any guest you invite to view.

  • Guest’s accounts are set to read only without editing privileges.

As part of the Expense Watchdog portion of the app you will have the ability to:

  • Obtain monthly, yearly and multi-year averages of expenses. Input up to 5 years of data.

  • 234 Pre-loaded expense categories or add your own unique expense category.

  • Input up to 7 different credit cards and 7 different bank accounts worth of data.

  • Sort expenses by dollar amount spent, date, category, description or alphabetically.

  • Many more filtering and sorting options available.

  • Compare the inputted monthly statement totals to your original credit card and bank statements to confirm your inputted data is accurate.

  • As part of the journal are you will be able to:

  • Document significant events that you may need to recall at a later date.

  • Record your thoughts and significant events.

  • Sort by calendar date.

  • Sort by category.

  • Sort by witness.

In the Checkbook (Alimony Child Support & Reimbursable Expenses) are you can:

  • Track all your Alimony, Child Support and Reimbursable expenses in one checkbook.

  • Sort by date of transactions.

  • Sort by alimony transactions.

  • Sort by child support transactions.

  • Sort by reimbursable expense transactions.

  • Sort by charges or payments of transactions.

  • View outstanding subtotals for any of the sorting and filtering options listed above.

  • View running total account balances as well as each transaction balance.

My Divorce Prep can be downloaded from the app store for use on your iPhone or iPad. You can purchase the full version calendar portion for $4.99 as a single purchase or $4.99 annual subscription for use on your desktop or laptop. The Expense Watchdog portion of the app is $250, the Journal portion is $9.99 and the Checkbook portion is $9.99 each for annual subscription. To learn more about My Divorce Prep, LLC visit their site at

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