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My Cotton Review

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My Cotton Images

My Cotton Bunny is a subscription box service for the ladies and it costs $16.00 per month, which is appropriate for what you get. The March shipment was, "The Fit Bundle" and included 3 yoga head bands, 2 (really cute) ribbon accented hair ties, a Luna Protein Bar, a square of Dark Chocolate Mint Delight (all-natural and gluten-free) and a box of 18 by Kotex (yes, we did not complete the description on that last item because we feel that we've said enough.

This is a neat and fun package.

There are some of us do not care for buying embarrassing merchandise in public. For those people, this is just fabulous! No dropping your feminine stuff in front of a murder of gossipy crows, no looking at all of the different brands in all of the different rows, no sneaking out of the house, clad in head-draping sunglasses, a Thelma and Louise scarf and an overcoat to buy the stuff. No weirdness. Just subscribe, unbox and tend to matters.


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