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My clients left with my salesman

Do you have a sales staff out knocking on doors, making sales calls, representing you? Are they representing you or themselves? Look at their card, does it have their cell phone number on it? If so they are representing you until they leave for a competitor. Then all of their clients who have their cell number will call that number not yours!

There are services that will provide you with a virtual phone number that will route calls directly to your sales person’s cell phone. The most rudimentary is a phone company “Market Expansion Line” MEL’s. This number will have basic features but the feature you are most interested in will be control of the phone number. MEL’s typically start at $20 per month and have a per call fee or minute usage fee. There are on line companies that offer local phone numbers with more features. Their services can be as low as $5 per month plus a per minute fee.

When you sign up for one of these services ask these questions:

  • Is there call reporting?
  • How do I change the forwarding number?
  • What happens when the phone I’m forwarding to is busy?
  • If there is voice mail, what happens to the message?
  • How am I notified of a voice message?
  • Can the call go to a second number instead of voice mail?
  • How many minutes are included?
  • What’s the per minute fee after that?
  • Is that for both incoming and outgoing?

If you see your sales dip as your sales people change you may want to look into call control by issuing your sales staff a phone number that you own.