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My Cat From Hell returns and Jackson Galaxy unveils new cat play products

Jackson Galaxy's famed guitar case highlights the display of his new cat play line, The Jackson Galaxy Collection
Jackson Galaxy's famed guitar case highlights the display of his new cat play line, The Jackson Galaxy Collection
photo by Cathi Marro

Kitties everywhere rejoice! It is a great time to be a cat - or a cat's person. Renowned cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, a.k.a., Cat Daddy, has been busy working on ways to enhance the lives of cats and their people.

To begin with, the fifth season of his Animal Planet hit series My Cat From Hell will premiere this Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. The 16-episode season will feature cats from Austin, San Diego and Portland, Oregon with a variety of issues. According to the folks at Animal Planet:

This season, unruly cats are bouncing off walls, peeing everywhere and maniacally screeching from night terrors. One particular cat is so callous that she attacks whenever she hears her owner laughing or crying (#SoRude). These cat cases push the Cat Daddy to his limits as he pulls out all the tricks his signature guitar case holds. Can Galaxy rise to the challenge for these owners who are at their wits' end?

Watch as Galaxy helps humans better understand their cats' behavior and remedies the problem at hand.

Galaxy, who has reached rock star status in the cat world, has also partnered with PetMate to create a new line of lifestyle enrichment products for cats called The Jackson Galaxy Collection. The line includes toys, wands, kickers, scratchers, tunnels and tents.

More than 15 years of working one-on-one with troubled kitties in shelters and private homes has provided Galaxy with a deep understanding of cat behaviors and natural instincts. He knows what cats need to thrive. The Collection reflects this with items focused on what Galaxy calls Cat Mojo - basically what motivates cats and what makes them happy. He emphasizes that cats have a routine of hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep, repeat.

Careful thought has gone into every aspect of the Collection in order to appeal to cats' senses and instincts. For example, items are produced in colors that cats can easily see and sounds that cats generally do not like have been eliminated. Toys have also been designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences. There are toys that encourage interactive play between cats and their people and toys made specifically for land or air-based play.

Prototypes of the new Jackson Galaxy Collection were on display at Global Pet Expo in March 2014. The line will be officially unveiled at the SuperZoo expo in Las Vegas this July and will be available in stores by autumn.

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