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My Brother's Keeper should help young black and Latino men get into business

President Obama announced plans for a public-private partnership program called My Brother's Keeper to help young African-American and Latino men stay in school, keep out of trouble, and find good jobs.

Various foundation leaders stood with the President and pledged to invest $200 million over the next five year to be used for education, mentoring, criminal justice and jobs programs.

The public-private partnership, a staple of Obama's second-term programs, allows the foundation to better use the government's funding through allocating existing public resources, recruiting private sector help, and not be dependent on Congressional approval.

While the "My Brother's Keeper" program seeks to avoid a debate of what has caused the problem, and simply deal with treating the symptoms, one issue is that black and Latino males don't find many people of similar backgrounds that they can relate to in the corporate world; which is where many of the good jobs are.

Additionally having mentors that could relay business and personal experiences to them, successes as well as failure, would further heighten their awareness when attempting to find a good job.

Therefore, an additional focus of the program should be to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among young Latino and African-American males. If more men from this community were the head of businesses, then their would be more jobs opportunities available to those with similar backgrounds.

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