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My boyfriend is going to jail for hitting a woman!

My boyfriend is going to jail for hitting a woman - what should I do?
My boyfriend is going to jail for hitting a woman - what should I do?
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Dear Deborrah:
Looks like my boyfriend of a year will be going to jail soon for hitting another woman. The thing is, he feels no regret or remorse for his actions! Well, maybe he does, its hard to tell because all he'll say about it is "it's too late to worry about it now."

He hired a lawyer and paid him $2,300. Several days ago, he went to the lawyer's office and admitted to hitting the woman, and the lawyer kept telling him he couldn't do that, and he had to pay the price for abuse, and the lawyer quit and is keeping most of the money.

He called me really angry and said he wishes he could beat up the lawyer. He said that he was really angry at the lawyer because he paid him to help him not go to jail. What should I do?

Jailbird's Girlfriend

Dear JB's Girl:
Get away from this fool.

While he is doing his sit down in jail, tell him you cannot date him anymore. Tell him that your family is worried that he will hit you next, and anyone that goes around talking about hitting people like he is two years old is just too immature to be bothered with.

He can file a complaint with the State Bar Association about his attorney quitting on him just like that, or he can file a small claim and get more of his money back - what wasn't used that is. Lawyers do not work for free. So every hour he spent looking at court documents, talking on the phone, talking to the court, visiting with your boyfriend about the details of the case, etc. are all billable. All that costs money. Usually about $250 an hour.

However, there are strict procedures involved with an attorney dumping a client. He has to file the appropriate Motion to Withdraw with the court and the motion has to be granted. He has to have a valid reason other than "well he's guilty!" because everyone deserves representation. Criminal attorneys work with guilty parties all the time! A defense attorney's role is to negotiate the best deal for their client that they can. Perhaps a combination of anger management, probation, and reduced sentence, etc. in this case would be appropriate. The defense attorney has a legal duty to his client that this guy obviously abdicated just because he felt like it, so I think your boyfriend has a great case to get most of his money back if not all.

But you young lady, you need to get away from this fool before he directs his rage at and starts pounding on you. This guy needs a serious reality check. He is lucky the woman he hit didn't have crazy, violent brothers or male relatives with a funky attitude like his, or he would be going to his funeral instead of to jail.

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