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My Body Sings Electric album release tour brings them to The Casbah

My Body Sings Electric live at the Casbah, San Diego-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

My Body Sings Electric is a five piece group, straight out of Denver, Colorado. Made up of Brandon Whalen (vocals), Nick Crawford (guitar), Jason Bower (bass), Jeff Fedel (guitar), and Ben Scarboro (drums), the band’s album release tour brought them to San Diego’s Casbah.

The crowd was fairly small, but the band’s presence in the national airwaves isn’t, as they’ve appeared on 17 national television broadcast networks and performed with big names such as Bastille, Young the Giant, and Grouplove. Throughout the night, audience members could be seen dancing and singing along with the lyrics.

While it humors me to see more than four people on such a small stage, I was quite impressed with how little it actually hindered their charisma. Whalen was making jokes and silly banter throughout the night. Maybe it’s a personal preference, but what really made the band standout was how much fun everyone looked like they were having. Everyone grooved along with their instruments, and Scarboro smiled ear to ear throughout the entirety of the set.

Their singles “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and “Oceancrest” have already gained a bit of attention, the latter of which received national attention from popular bloggers. Call it pop, call it whatever you want, but these guys’ music resonates a jubilant enthusiasm. Fun and easy to move to, the guys’ express their zest for life through their songs.

With such a positive energy, talent, and collection of catchy toe tapping songs in their repertoire, it’s no wonder they’ve begun to get noticed in the past couple years. Hopefully, with their new album Part 1: The Night Ends dropping February 25th, the band will be able to build a momentum that will carry them even farther.

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