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‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’ stars busted in real life wedding larceny

Police in High Point, N.C. arrested two of the former stars from the popular reality TV show "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" after the couple was accused of stealing wedding rings and $1,000 in cash from a real life wedding ceremony held in North Carolina earlier this week, according to a June 19 report from ABC News. Eden Boswell, 22, and Elvis Boswell, 24, both from Princeton, W.V., are being held by police in Greensboro. Both of the Boswells have been charged with felony larceny. The arrests went down on June 15 in High Point.

Eden and Elvis Boswell have been accused of stealing a bride’s purse containing the bride’s wedding rings and $1,000 in cash. Both of the Boswells are charged with felony larceny.
Guilford County Sheriff's Office

According to their arrest reports, Eden was maid of honor at the North Carolina wedding when the bride realized her purse was missing. The bride’s purse contained the wedding rings and the cash.

The cops theorize that Eden stole the purse just before the ceremony while Elvis waited for her inside their pickup truck. According to the police report, the Boswells “locked themselves out of their truck.” Police who responded to the theft report ended up finding the stolen purse, complete with the missing wedding rings and most of the missing cash, inside the truck.

The State Journal reported that one of the bride’s relatives witnessed Eden carrying the bride’s purse just prior to the ceremony. The relative was able to identify Eden due to the unique angel tattoos on her back. When police arrived on the scene, the Boswells denied having anything to do with the theft of the bride’s purse. And when police asked to search their truck, the Boswells said they could, but that they were locked out of the truck.

The cops got into the locked truck with no problem, and found the missing purse inside. Recovered from inside the purse were the bride’s and groom’s wedding rings; but approximately $300 in cash was missing from the purse.

Fortunately, much of the cash had handwriting on it. A $100 bill later found in Elvis’ pocket was determined to be some of that missing cash as the bill contained the word “honeymoon” scrawled across it.

During the couple’s court hearing on June 16, the defense attorney noted Elvis’ West Virginia criminal record which included some fraud charges, but added that Eden had a clean record. The Boswells’ lawyer was trying to get Elvis’ bond reduced, using the fact that Eden was eight months pregnant as a rationale.

Police determined that the rings and cash allegedly stolen by the Boswells were estimated to be worth $6,100. Eden’s bond was set at $6,100. Elvis’ bond was set at $10,000.

The missing purse delayed the bride’s wedding; but the wedding still took place later that same day. The Boswells are scheduled to be back in court again on August 8.

TLC’s “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” a reality TV show documenting the weddings of American Roma gypsies, debuted in April 2012. The successful second season of the show debuted in the spring of 2013. For more on the Boswells' arrest, see the video accompanying this article.

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