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'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding': Gorger bride Amanda vs. gypsy ex Felicia

It’s a crazy world they live in on 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' and even crazier if you are an outsider marrying into it, like Amanda this week. After meeting Donald, the 31-year-old divorcee mom with two small children decided 22-year-old Donald was the man for her. And, being a Romanichal man, Donald has definite expectations of his bride—something she appears to be in the dark about when it comes to the wedding.

Somehow everything, even weddings, always seem to come down to a chance to defend the family honor.
TLC via Facebook

Gypsy weddings are huge, tacky, over-the-top affairs, and that is the way they like it. Amanda wants a simple affair with a simple dress—but Donald goes behind her back to create a dress with Sondra Celli that will be perfect gypsy wedding tacky. Before the wedding, Amanda said that she was not about to wear a crazy gypsy dress, and that there was going to be trouble—and maybe no wedding—if he went behind her back. Apparently Amanda really has no idea what she is getting into, marrying into the gypsy world.

“I’m going to make that dress so beautiful, Amanda will have to fall in love with it,” Sondra Celli said. But, could she do it? Is Sondra Celli that good?

The Other Woman

Felicia, Donald’s ex, is furious about the wedding—and insisted that she was going to force Donald to make a choice between her and Amanda at the wedding although, seemingly, with a bride who is already seven months pregnant, Donald has already made that choice. Felicia just isn’t getting it. Sometimes, hurting or not, it is just time to let it go and move forward with your life.

Gypsy Singer on the Rise

Non-marrying gypsy of the week was Jackie Dee, who has a singing career on the verge of taking off. Her parents have put a lot of time and effort into bringing her into the limelight, and marriage is not part of the plan. For a time, having a boyfriend, Luke, made the 16-year-old think that perhaps running off for marriage was the way to go, but having a successful night on stage changed her focus, from marriage to chasing her dreams. Luke said he would wait—but, hey, how many of us have said that when we were teens? And how many of us have seen that person in the last X-number of years? Well, if Jackie Dee keeps going for it and Luke is pushed off to the side, it will definitely be the exception to the rule if they end up together—but good luck Jackie Dee, whatever you ultimately decide.

Sondra Celli Makes Personal Wedding Day Delivery

Sondra Celli made a personal delivery of the gown on the bride’s wedding day—and it was in a big box. “I’m knowing now that it is not going to be a simple, elegant dress,” Amanda said ominously, finally getting a clue about Donald's trip to Sondra Celli's. And, boy, was she right. It was hideously gypsy-style—huge, blue, flowers everywhere, rhinestones. It was as gaudy as they come. And Amanda loved it. Maybe this Romanichal-gorger marriage has a chance after all.

Did Felicia make it to the wedding, as promised? “I’ll do anything I can to make sure Donald does not make a mistake,” she vowed. “If Felicia shows up at the wedding, I am physically going to beat her ass,” Amanda vowed in return. But, the women did not come to blows, because Felicia ultimately stayed away. When Felicia finally realized that that part of her life was over, she decided to move on with her own life—and let Amanda and Donald move on and live theirs together.

The wedding ended with a boxing match—yes, a boxing match, but not between the women. Of course, it turned into an honor challenge before it was all over, as things always seem to with the gypsies, after Donald’s younger brother got knocked around by a pro boxer. But, fortunately, Donald was able to step in and restore the family honor—oh, those gypsies.

‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’ airs on TLC on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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