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'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' Bride Tara Loves Garish Tattoo of Her Image

Gypsy weddings are notoriously insanity-packed. Last night, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ took a look at Tara in Louisville, KY, and it was as wild as any gypsy could have dreamed her wedding would be, gigantic, unwieldy dress and all.

TLC's 'I Found the Gown' has nothing on 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," as Tara's dress demonstrates.
TLC via Facebook

Tara, 21, married Alex, a non-gypsy Kentuckian. “It was pretty much love at first sight,” he said. “She’s beautiful, she’s got really big boobs. … It’s like a magical thing.” To seal the magic between them, he has gotten three tattoos on his body to prove, as Tara says, he is now hers: A “Tara” tattoo on his neck with her lips; her name again on his heart; and a third name-stamp on his hand. “She’s my genie in a bottle,” Alex says, referencing her dedication to her gypsy heritage.

Sondra Celli designed Tara’s gypsy wedding dress. Tara was looking for a “tight, tight, BOOM!” dress, which Celli confirmed was typical for a gypsy wedding. Every gypsy girl wants to get married—and get married young—and outdo every other gypsy bride who has ever come before them. Well, most every gypsy girl, anyway. And, in Nashville, TN, 19-year-old Trouble says her ambition in life is not to have a husband and baby, but to become the first gypsy supermodel.

Trouble says she’s going to move to New York City. But, mom Jeanette says absolutely not; she expects her daughter to stay in Nashville and follow her mom—or at least accept being being constantly tailed by her mom. But, after Trouble tried to hustle the money on the street, dancing for dollars, her mom said she realized her heart was really in the dream, and agreed to give her the rest of the money she needed to get there, as long as she took mom along; these gypsy standards, I just don’t know.

Meanwhile, Tara was breaking her tattooed husband-to-be’s heart, letting him know that, after all, he was not the only one. In response, Alex took her phone and demanded to her that things were going to change. That did not go over well with his self-proclaimed owner, who began referring to herself as “trapped,” although it appeared more a case of just being selfish and expecting to have a servant rather than a husband—not shocking for this show, of course. But, when she revealed that she had been talking to Justin for a couple of years and left Alex high and dry, her family was definitely not on-board with her decision. Her sisters, in fact, indicated that they may even boycott her wedding and cut her off completely after that, making her stop and think about it.

After being tossed aside, one might think that Alex was regretting his tattoos. But, no. Instead, Alex’s plan was to have her face tattooed on his back. Her face—her big creepy face. “This will really show her how much I love her. … She always comes back to me. That’s how you know that you’re in love with somebody.” Um, okay, Alex, but I think I’m gonna pass on your self-help book of love.

Funny thing about Alex and Justin, they were hard to tell apart; it was like she was dating two of the same man, one with "Tara" tattoos, one without. Tara loved the garish tattoo on Alex’s back, and loved the ring he bought her. In the moment, she promised that she loved him and would not run off again. Apparently, Alex was satisfied, because he took her back, no questions asked.

Tara got her “tight, tight, BOOM!” from dressmaker Celli—a seriously awful dress with 60 yards of silk organza, covered in rhinestones. TLC’s ‘I Found the Gown’ has nothing on gypsy wedding bling, that’s for sure. Ultimately, Tara learned to walk in the dress, and rode in the back of a pickup to marry Alex. “I felt like this was the right thing to do,” Tara said, and Alex agreed, saying they would leave the past in the past.

Good luck, Alex and Tara—you’re gonna need it.

And Trouble? Well, she made it to NYC—with her mom—and was getting some work. Well, at least a test-shoot. Will she make it as a model? Well, she is still reaching from her dream, but she is giving it her best shot; good luck to Trouble, as well.

‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’ airs on TLC on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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