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My best gal's fatal mistake results in a less than favorable fairy tale ending

Evening date.
Evening date.
Credit: Kayla Lopez

Once upon a time there lived a blonde babe that went out to dinner with a charming Charlie. Sadly, the anticipation for the date was the only sensational aspect of this story due to the fact that charming Charlie ended up being a disappointing dude. This blonde babe just so happens to be my best gal. The fellow in question is an old schoolmate that reconnected with my friend through Facebook. Good for her! Not. She made one fatal mistake. Read this piece in its entirety ladies and gents, or this sad ending could happen to you.

She allowed this supposed gentleman to ask her on a date via Facebook's messenger, and this is unacceptable. If a guy really wants to ask you on a date the right way he MUST ask for your digits and then call you. Dating is difficult, and as a woman of particular taste it must be said that the "old fashioned" approach to asking a girl out on a date that you're courting is the more attractive choice. This is what happened to my best gal and a series of unfortunate events followed. A guy that calls a girl suggests many positive attributes about him.

What you can learn from this tale is to consider not going on a date with a man unless he calls or asks you in person. You must expect a gentleman demeanor from a man when he is courting you. If you follow this simple instruction, you will soon find that he is confident and excited to go on a date with you!