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My baby has a disability, now what?!?

You are not at the destination you desired. When a person has a baby they have a lot of expectations. When the child starts growing and not meeting their milestones all these alarms go off in a parent’s head. They are thrown in to a world they may be ill-prepared for to endure. Doctors, therapists and specialists may become the new norm.
There is help out there. Here is one good resource and event.

Parent/Community Workshop
Theraplay, Inc. Broomall Center
600 Reed Road, Suite 201
Broomall, PA 19008
Sunday, March 30th at 2PM

Featuring Lori Sheppard, Theraplay, Inc., MPT* and
Maleita Olson, Spectra Support Services, LCSW, BSL*

This workshop guides parents and others in the community who have developmental concerns about their child or have a child that has recently been diagnosed with a learning, developmental or other disability. The workshop explores what options and services children may be entitled to, who provides services, where to access them and how to pay for them.
• Pediatric therapists will be available to address concerns.
• Free screenings will be offered as a follow up for physical, occupational, speech and feeding concerns. Screenings can be scheduled at the end of the workshop.
• Several community resource specialists will be on hand to address specific questions, including Randy Hope Steen, Special Needs Trust Attorney.

Attendees will be entered in a drawing for a $300 Certificate for Therapy Services with Theraplay, Inc.
RSVP by 3/27/14 to Laurie Watkin (preferred) or 610-721-6579 Space is limited. Please reserve your spot quickly.

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