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My Animals Rock, saving dogs in the Everglades for 5 years

Fefe needs surgery
Kathy Cremer

My Animals Rock is not a specific place, nor do they have a specific shelter. Instead, they operate as a small network of people who volunteer their time and homes to save the lives of animals in need. Those who are injured, abandoned, surrendered, or lost. They dedicate themselves to finding loving, permanent homes for unwanted animals and educating the public about the joy and love that rescue animals give and need.

For the past 5 years. My Animals Rock run by Kathy Cremer has focused mainly on the stray and abandoned dogs in the Everglades/Homestead area of South Florida. They work in conjunction with another group called Chain of Love Abandoned Dogs run by Mirta Maltese. To date they have rescued, rehabilitated and found forever homes for hundreds of dogs who have been dumped in the remote and rural area of South Miami Dade County.

Right now My Animals Rock has stepped in to help a little dog named Fefe who weighs no more than ten pounds. Fefe is a sweet little girl suffering excrutiating pain. She has a herniated disc located at the back of her neck. She is immobile because when she tries to move it is so painful, she screams in pain. Her owners can't afford to pay for the surgery and are faced with the prospect of euthanasia of their beloved girl. My Animals Rock was contacted to help, and got the much needed pain meds for her. They brought her to a very rescue friendly veterinarian who has agreed to do the surgery for $3,000, which is normally a $6,000- $7,000 procedure.

Please help Fefe if you can. Every day that goes by that they can't raise the money, she is in pain. A fundraiser page has been set up for Fefe's vet bills. So far $1,175.00 has been raised of the $3,000.00 goal. If you can help Fefe please visit her page at

If you are on facebook, check out Chain of Love Abandoned Dogs, My Animals Rock and the personal page of director Kathy Cremer to find out about ttheir up to the minute rescues, adoptions and happy tails.

Or visit thei homepage at to see more urgent cases of dogs needing fosters, adopters and donations.

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