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My accountant loves me. Here's why.


It is natural to try to do things on our own-especially for entrepreneurs like myself that try to keep costs down. Then I realized something really important. Time matters.

I realized you have to be brutally honest about where you choose to spend your time. That's what I did when I found Deb Glazier, my bookkeeper (and the reason my accountant loves me). Prior to finding Deb, I was wasting hours each month trying to keep track of my books. Bookkeeping is just one of those things where it pays to have someone that knows what they're doing do it for you. The time Deb saves me pays for itself. Time matters.

Insight Beyond the Numbers

Deb's Quickbooks skills and knowledge of tax implications, laws, and deadlines are no doubt valuable to my business, but more importantly she provides insight into my business beyond the numbers. Deb has owned her own business so she understands a business owner's point of view and the type of information business owners need to make decisions about what's working, what's not, where money is being spent, where costs can be cut, and which products and services have the greatest return.

Making a choice to have Deb do my bookkeeping has been invaluable to me. I don't want to be an expert in bookkeeping and I also know I can't ignore it either (my accountant would despise me and tax time would be a nightmare!). When it comes to finances it's nice to know the work is in the hands of someone I can trust.

Deb has extensive experience and proven results doing all things executive and personal assistant related. From shipping and receiving to paying bills, office work, and running errands for personal and business needs-anything you can think of to save you time so you can focus on where you shine.

Deb Glazier lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and be can be reached at 970-988-5521 or

I use the Examiner to write about amazing women which I refer to as members of The Women's Business Tribe-a tribe for remarkable women in business, women worth talking about. Welcome to the tribe Deb and I appreciate your best-in-class service, support, and trust.


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