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My abstract and esoteric photography approach to architecture

Photographed in Los Alto California
Photographed in Los Alto California
Photo Credit: Keith B Dixon

Over the years I have photographed different homes ranging from abandon foreclosures to $35 million estates, my experience is broad. On the other hand, photographing architecture requires more than a technical skill set, you have to be able to personally connect to the structure or space.

Photographing interiors is very personal. It's an energy you feel when you first approach an architectural photograph. It sounds weird but it’s a fact. I imagine I live in the space and that invokes feelings that helps me to connect to what I see. I like to say "I temporarily lived in the spaces I've photograph." No matter the condition or type of property I always think "If I were interested in this space what would I want to see and that helps me to frame my images.

There are a lot of layers to photographing a home, some you can control and most you can’t. The more you connect to a property's character the more you are going capture the true essences.