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'My 600-Lb. Life' takes viewers on ‘Chuck’s Story’ on TLC

Last night's episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” gave viewers a glimpse into the life of a morbidly obese man. This series explores a year in the life of 600-pound individuals trying to regain control of their lives. Chuck is one of them.

'My 600-Lb. Life' takes viewers on ‘Chuck’s Story’ on TLC
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As the episode begins Chuck is 45 and weighs 698 pounds. He relates that his weight makes it so difficult for him to breathe, and he would rather be a dead man than living the rest of his life this way. After 30, he started putting the weight on gradually. In 2006, his wife was murdered and his life changed dramatically. She was his best friend, and the incident made him turn to food for comfort. He ate fast-food three times a day and lost all concept of his weight.

He met his second wife, Nissa, when he was about 600 pounds. She has been overweight and did not judge him, as she had much in common with him. They adopted Nathan, who is two years old, but Nissa needs a husband, not someone she must take care of like a child.

Chuck found Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston, who asked him tough questions. He warned him about the consequences of gaining his weight back after the surgery. He wants him to lose thirty pounds and then return as proof that he can change his eating habits. When they left the doctor’s office, he stopped at an all-you-can-eat buffet, “one last time.”

Since he left Dr. Nowzaradan, Chuck has been on a liquid diet. On his second visit, he did lose 30 pounds, and the surgery was planned. In the hospital, he and Nissa said a prayer before he went in for surgery. However, after surgery, he was not very nice to Nissa, and told her to leave, not realizing that she was there all day with the baby. The next day, he apologized to her on the phone.

When she came to pick him up, he was grouchy again, and complained when she hit bumps, because he was still very sore. In month three, he was still having cravings. When he overeats, he throws up. While Chuck recovers from surgery, Nissa is balancing chores, a full-time job and nursing school. She had to come home early from work, because he was sick from eating a pork chop and French fries. Two weeks later, when he saw the doctor for his follow-up visit, he weighed 635 and Dr. Nowzaradan had expected much more than 21 pounds, and he knows that Chuck is not telling him the truth about his eating habits, and knows he is one of those people they must keep an eye on.

In month four, his weight was 611, with a total loss of 82 pounds. Nissa has also decided to have weight-loss surgery. She wished he was the type who would take care of her, the way she took care of him. Chuck came to pick up Nissa two days after her surgery. When they got home, she asked him if he picked up her medicine from the pharmacy, and he asked her if he had to make a special trip just to get her medicine. She needed her medicine, so he reluctantly made the trip. It was evident that their marriage was falling apart. He feels unappreciated, as does she. He stopped for chicken and coleslaw on the way home from the pharmacy.

In month six, his weight was now 526 with a loss of 171 pounds since surgery. With all the progress he made with his weight, he was still not helping at home. After three years of marriage, Nissa is serving Chuck with divorce papers. As she packed her clothes, he was in tears. Without her, he will have no insurance, no money and no reason to live. He called her on the phone and begged her to return, but she would not.

In month seven, he realized how much pain he was in by not dealing with the death of his first wife. He lashed out at Nissa for everything and was not a husband to her.

In month eight, he weighed 486 and had lost 207 pounds. He is walking each day and hopes to get the skin surgery to remove the extra weight that hinders his daily life.

In month nine, on his visit he weighed 419 with a loss of 296 pounds. Now the lymphedema surgery was scheduled.

In month ten, his weight was 359 with a loss of 339 pounds, twenty pounds short of half of his weight and he is having skin surgery. Because of his recent efforts, Nissa has decided to give him a second chance. She was with him in the hospital for the surgery and they are in love again. Once the huge growth is removed from his leg, he should even be ready to work again. As Dr. Nowzaradan does the surgery, he explains that they must be extra careful removing the mass, otherwise Chuck could lose his leg. There are many blood vessels and nerves in the mass. The mass weighed 25 pounds, when it was freed from his body.

In month eleven, his current weight was 343, with a total loss of 350 pounds, and more than half of his weight gone. He put up a swing set for Nathan and is happy to be a father and husband. They sat down to enjoy the meal he cooked for them. Nissa is continuing to lose weight and at 218 pounds, she has lost 90 pounds. On the one-year anniversary, he weighed 268 with a loss of 425 pounds on this episode of “My 600-Lb. Life.”

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