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My 5 most anticipated games of 2010

With so many great looking games coming out this year, my wallet is going to be aching. Though I plan on picking up plenty of titles, these are the 5 that I am looking forward to the most. The games I have been salivating for since they were announced, and have preordered months before their respective release dates.

1) God of War 3  - I am truly looking forward to the final chapter in the trilogy (at least as we know it). Kratos quickly became one of my favorite video game characters after the first game, and the sequel only solidified this. I even have his scowling grill as my PSN avatar. And even though I still own both of the original titles, and a launch PS3 with Backwards Compatibility, I still bought the God of War Collection to replay the saga in HD, and to prepare myself for the finale in March.

2) Heavy Rain  - This title has intrigued me since the original tech demo was shown at E3 2006. I am definitely interested in the emotional story, and the various choices you can make. Plus, Indigo Prophecy is in my top 20 list of PS2 games (which I'll reveal in a future post).

3) Red Dead Redemption  - Rockstar Games. Hands down one of my favorite developers of all time. Despite the negative reports that have been surfacing around the web regarding Rockstar San Diego, and the 'Huge problems" with the game in general, I still believe that this could be a AAA title. And I can't wait to ride off into the sunset this April.

4) Mass Effect 2  - what can I say? Bioware does not disappoint. I am still engrossed in Dragon Age: Origins, and will be for sometime. But that doesn't mean I can't make time for Shepard's next epic adventure later this month.

5) Gran Turismo 5  - Finally! After years of waiting, and hours upon hours of playing "Prologue", which served as an appetizer, I am thrilled to see that we are nearing the full release of the next game in the best selling racing series of all time.

So there it is. My 5 Most Anticipated Games of the year. 2010 is shaping up to be another huge year in gaming. 



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