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My 2010 Resolutions - The Microsoft Edition

Of course everyone has those typical New Year's resolutions: to lose weight, to save more money, to improve their job situation (hell, in this economy a resolution could be to find a job, period). So here I was going to offer up some resolutions of my own. Now of course, since I'm the "oh-so-interesting" Anaheim Microsoft Products Examiner, I decided that this particular edition was going to be resolutions that have a common theme: they were all going to involve Microsoft technologies in one form or another.

So let's see here. "In 2010, I will resolve to..."

Be a better user of XBOX Live: For the past couple of years I have been a Gold member of the XBOX Live community. With that I've gotten some great perks; the key of which is being able to enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends. My problem has been that I never really took advantage of it. I don't think I've ever gotten online much to really communicate and game it up. Sure, I've been in a few online sessions that were done through some of the XBOX 360 communities, but I never made it part of my regular gaming routine.

In 2010, I hope to change that. I want to make an effort to be an active participant on XBOX Live, at least twice a month (if not more). If you wish to find me on XBOX Live and challenge me to some games, you can find me through my gamertag: tromboneforhire

Discover more new music with Zune: Yeah, I know how crazy that sounds. Anyone who knows me knows already that I boast about my diversity in musical taste. While, I do make it a point to go through Zune's marketplace and look for new, interesting music, what I'm saying here is that I'm going to make it a focal point to use the tools that Zune offers to really deep dive into genres.

I'm talking about genres that I don't regularly dive into; like classical, world, country, those styles. I want to find more artists in the underrepresented categories in my collection. Considering that Zune allows for 10 free MP3s with its Zune Pass subscription, who knows I might be carrying more Carrie Underwood in 2010.

Take better care of my PC: In 2009, I was really horrendous about putting any new piece of software that came down the pike on my computer. Around September, that got so bad that my computer was grinding around trying to do even the most simple of things. When Windows 7 came around, I decided that it was a good time to not only clean install a new OS to my PC, but essentially start over and really be nitpicky about what software I was going to install on the machine.

(By the way, if you purchase a PC with the Microsoft Signature Essentials, you'll get everything you need right away. I think that's a great thing their doing considering most companies like to put all of that extra junk on your machine that takes a wing, a prayer, a Boomshot and sandblasting to get rid of). It's worth noting that a lot of the software in the Signature collection I made sure to download when I did my clean install of Windows 7.

So in 2010, I want to continue that path of selective installation. I also made it a point to buy a 1.5TB external drive that I put all of my documents and media on so that the PC doesn't have to churn around it's hard drive so much. I encourage everyone when you install a new OS (whether it's Windows 7 or even a Mac OS), use that time to be very selective (if you aren't already) about what you're installing. Only keep the essentials -- stuff you KNOW you'll be using everyday.

Be a better MVP: Yeah, I think this will drive some of my friends nuts, too. They'll tell you that *apparently* I'm already doing well as an MVP for Microsoft. Yet, I always take this title seriously. It's not everyone that gets this honor, so I wouldn't want those who bestowed upon me this honor to have 'buyer's remorse'.

So in order to be a more effective MVP not only do I have to continue helping the community (specifically with their Zune issues) but try to find new ways to disseminate thoughts, commentary, how-to, help, assistance and all of that good stuff.

I enjoy it when people discover new methods of using their current technology. The MVP program has given me extra tools to continue that effort and I definitely hope to 'step my game up' as it were in 2010.

Learn about a new techology: As someone who just loves technology in general, I want to make it a point to really deep dive next year into one (hopefully two) new pieces of technology. When I started learning more about Zune, for example, it branched into really learning more about music, music technology and the business around music. Next year, I want to get that same kind of snowball effect. Specifically, I want to get a deeper knowledge of Microsoft Surface and Windows Mobile. I want to understand the programming behind them, the marketing of them, etc.