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My 2010 Gaming To-Do List

Game over :-(
Game over :-(

With the 3DS not launching for nearly four more months and information about the PSP's successor still in the speculation stage, this holiday season is a pretty slow one for handheld gaming news. So now that school's out and I've got a bit more time on my hands, I figured I could catch up on some of the items on my gaming to-do list.

This is not a list of games I haven't played yet; it's more like accomplishing certain feats in certain games. Like today's achievements or trophies on XBox 360 or Playstation 3 games, except I'm leaning more towards older games.

For example, a couple items on this list I'm thinking about include:

  • Beating one of the super-hard hidden bosses in a Final Fantasy game (Emerald Weapon from FF7, Omega from FF8, etc)
  • Beating Mega Man 2 on Hard mode.
  • Play through any Metal Gear Solid game without killing anybody.
  • Unlock and beat Tofu's scenario in Resident Evil 2.
  • Beat any Halo game on Legendary difficulty.

...and the like. The one I'm currently working on is beating Resident Evil 4 on Professional difficulty (check here for my previous thoughts on RE4). I should be done with it in the next day or so, at which point I'll post my impressions here and move on to my next challenge.

I've got pretty much every system at my disposal, plus a probably-was-awesome-three-years-ago gaming computer. So if you've got any suggestions for challenges, leave 'em in the comments section.


  • Anderson 4 years ago

    Try playing Super Metroid and beating it in under 8 Hours.

  • Profile picture of Doug Seliger
    Doug Seliger 4 years ago

    I would love a reason to play Super Metroid again, especially to get rid of the bad taste Other M left in my mouth.

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