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My 100th Chicago RPG column - what's in store


Wow! My publisher tool says that I'm up to 99 articles published which makes this my 100th article. It's been my pleasure to write for Chicago and the RPG gaming community, to bring you good content and things you might find relevant.

My ongoing gamestore review series is still ongoing as I find time and opportunity to get to various stores. Naturally, there's an upper limit of how many I can visit - and I rely on word of mouth to tell me about new stores and/or changes at existing stores. I will continue to do that for you, though - I have certainly learned a lot from the previous reviews I've already done.

I will also continue to cover the news from a local and from a worldwide perspective that will bring Chicago gamers some value. The RPG world is a niche hobby, but it's a very vibrant one that reaches into quite a few areas. I think it's important to continue doing that.

What I want to know is what you, the Chicago RPG gamer, might want from me? Is there some Chicago story you'd like me to cover? Do you want me to review more conventions? Is there a specific game group you'd like me to visit and write about? What can I do for you?

It's my hope that the next 100 posts are just as valuable and fun to write as the first 100. Thank you for reading!


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