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MWC 2010: Nokia and Intel team up for MeeGo, takes on Apple, Google

MeeGo Logo
MeeGo Logo
Paul Cash

International cell phone giant Nokia, and chip maker Intel have announced a new mobile operating system at MWC 2010 called MeeGo.

The operating system is their answer to Apple's iPhone OS, and Google's Android, and like the others, it will be scalable to all types of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and netbook computers.

MeeGo will be Linux based, combining a Nokia user interface with an Intel back-end, and it will use an open-source approach, similar to Google's Android.

That means unlike the Apple OS, developers will not have to pay for the opportunity to make apps or programs. This could mean a lot of apps for the new platform, making it attractive to smartphone buyers.

However, Nokia and Intel are way behind Google and Apple in this market, and with Google's Android jumping into more and more phones everyday, MeeGo will be a hard sell, especially since Nokia is the only one committed to using it so far.

But with Intel behind it, there are sure to be some tricks added in which make the OS work better with Intel chips (Atom and ARM) than others, and this could give MeeGo an advantage, especially in the Smartbook and Netbook categories.

Also, Nokia has a large presence overseas, so if it catches on outside the U.S., they may be able to attack the American market later on from a position of strength. Look to see the first MeeGo devices in the second half of 2010.

Nokia and Intel Launch New Mobile Operating System


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