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MV DiY Café

MV DiY uses oversized teacups to make their Bowl of Soy candles
MV DiY uses oversized teacups to make their Bowl of Soy candles
Photo: ecram1 via flickr

Beer, wine, coffee, body scrubs, soap, and candles...sounds like an old fashioned country store, however MV DiY Café is more up scale than a "rootin' tootin"' country watering hole. This chic café features small round tables with mix matched chairs for intimate seating, black wooden cabinetry and shelving to display the one of a kind, hand carved candles. Another wall has been converted into a DIY chalkboard with black floating shelves to display bath salts, soaps, and aromatherapy soy candles as well as information such as scents and prices.

While enjoying conversation you can take in the scents of fresh coffee and tea as well as the scents of several beauty products. MV DiY Café offers the following beauty products:

-Handmade Soap $6.00 made from vegetable oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, clay, and herbs

-Sea Salt Scrubs $8.50 featuring fragrances like White Tea & Ginger, Bamboo, and Oatmeal

-Sugar Scrubs $7.00 in Grapefruit and Baby Rose scents *sugar scrubs are recommended for those with sensitive skin

-Body Scrubs $5.00 also sugar based these scrubs include essential oils

-Hair and Body Mist $8.00 comes in Cherry Blossom, Aqua, or Unscented

-Perfume Oil $12.00 this roll on perfume comes in two scents one for me and one for women

-Bath Bombs $7.00 these help to soften water for a silky like bath and contain essential oils

-Bath Salts and Teas $5.50 are made from Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, and Epsom salts

-Bath Powders $15 comes in Soy Bath for rejuvenating, relaxing and hydrating or Milk bath for moisturizing, softening and calming

Recently the café has added both a men's and women's shaving supply set although prices are not listed currently. Each set includes shaving cream and after shave. The set for men includes London Spice cream and Blossom Wood after shave. The set for women includes Butterfly Orchid cream and Lavender scented after shave.

The cafe also has a great selection of soy and aromatherapy candles to choose from including 8 ounce soy candles, layered candles that will burn for 50 hours, over sized teacup soy candles, tea lights, and jar candles. Prices range from $1 (tea lights) to $25 (over sized teacup candles listed as "Bowl of Soy"). Aromatherapy scents include lavender mint, lime, basil, french vanilla, champagne, gardenia, white tea & ginger, grapefruit, rosemary, and more.

MV DiY Café is open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm and is located one block west of Montrose and Westhimer across from Half Price Books.

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