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Mutilated CVS dog finds forever home nearly three months later

Bruce in his new forever home
Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office readers may remember a dog by the name of Bruce from Gwinnett County that was found badly burned and mutilated back in March of this year. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Bruce was adopted by a loving family from Maryland on May 23, 2014.

Bruce made local news when he wandered into a Lilburn CVS store on March 6 sporting extensive burns, damage to one of his eyes, and torn flesh where his ears used to be. He was rescued and treated by the dedicated volunteers of the Society of Humane Friends of Georgia, which also worked to rehabilitate him through Operation Second Change jail dogs program of Gwinnet.

Dogs like Bruce are unfortunately all too common, which is why pet rescues are so vitally important. And Bruce’s case certainly aids in highlighting how beautiful a relationship can be with a rescue dog.

Many adopters speak of a deep bond and connection to their rescued animal, as if that pet knows that they are truly loved and safe in their forever home. While perhaps a difficult thing to prove and very subjective, it would seem that rescued pets have a sense of devotion and gratefulness that is unmatched.

Want to test the theory? Go out today and rescue your new friend!

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