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Must We Separate???

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    Separation is bought about differently in many relationships, but how does one handle separation in a gay or lesbian relationship? Separation is most times difficult for both partners, but many gays and lesbians that I have spoken with often agree that if the states they lived in had gay marriage laws that the separation process would be a lot easier. With about six states having gay marriage laws, separation can be difficult when it comes to dividing material things between couples, or trying to share custody of a child or children. As a gay Christian I do not believe in separation and find it easier to make it a point to only date women that do not believe that separation or divorce is an option when it comes to marriage and commitment; but what do you do when separation does become an option for you?

    I recently began looking for churches, along with psychiatrist and therapist that offered Christian counseling to gay Christian that are on the verge of separation or divorce, when I heard about the tough time one of my friends was having with her separation from her partner of many years. I was seeking help for her because she had a child involved and was seeking a peaceful way to part ways with her now Ex lover and also share custody of their small daughter. Knowing that she was a Christian and wanted to do things in a peaceful manner I began searching for help that I knew I was unable to offer. I was very pleased and shock by the amount of help that is offered to gays and lesbians in the Atlanta area. I started my search through and came across a site called I was pleased to see that there were literally hundreds of therapist and psychologist that are offering gay Christian counseling to gays and lesbians in need of marriage or separation counseling. I myself went through a very tough separation in North Carolina about a year and a half ago and found it very hard to find counseling for a gay person of Christian background.

    One of my favorite Bible scriptures that speaks on marriage is 1Corinthians 1:27-28, which says “those who marry will face many troubles in life”. Tough times will come in marriage, but is it not worth it to push through those storms? Gay marriage comes with all the trials and tribulations as any marriage and should be treated no differently. There is help out there if you are looking to save your marriage or need help through separation, and there is definitely Christian help out there. If you are not comfortable seeking the help through a therapist there are GLBT churches out there that offer help as well. One of the many churches that offer this help is New Covenant Church of Atlanta, which offers premarital counseling which could definitely help counsel those looking to be married and not ever wanting to see their marriage end in separation. New Covenant is located at 2700 Northeast Expressway/ Access Rd. NE, Atlanta GA 30345