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Must Visit in Knoxville, TN: Vintage Vapors Knoxville

This is the entrance to Vintage Vapors. Notice the sign in the bottom right corner?
This is the entrance to Vintage Vapors. Notice the sign in the bottom right corner?
Photo courtesy of Jeff Sherwood

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Knoxville, TN, chances are you are always looking for something to do in this great city of ours. Well, look no further! Every Monday I will be writing a review of places that I feel you simply must visit around Knoxville. To get things started I chose Vintage Vapors Knoxville, an e-cigarette shop located on Kingston Pike in West Knoxville. There are so many great things about this place that I found it hard to fit them all in! By the time you have finished reading this review, you will know why you must visit Vintage Vapors.

Even before you walk in the door of Vintage Vapors Knoxville, you know there is something special going on inside, and you can tell by the sign that reads, “Whatever happens here will be posted on Facebook!” that the atmosphere is laid back and friendly. When you walk in the door you will likely find Vintage Vapors owner, Glenn Cate, helping a new vaper get started with one of the many e-cigarette starter kits that are available, and you will notice that the cases on both sides of the shop are packed full of all the vaping supplies you will ever need.

Unlike other vapor shops you might have visited that have everything crammed into a couple of tiny cases with no order to them, you will find everything in the cases at Vintage Vapors to be well organized by your needs. There are separate cases for starter kits, mods, tanks and drip tips, RDA’s, and more. There is even one case at the front of the store that is full of consignment items that other vapers are selling.

You will likely spend a lot of time looking through all of the vape gear in the cases but you want to make sure to save some time to spend at the juice bar. Vintage Vapors has over 50 different flavors for you to try in their unique looking juice bar located in the back of the shop. You will find popular juice flavors from brands such as Tasty Troll, Suicide Bunny, King’s Crown, and Stache Sauce in addition to the Vintage Vapors fantastic line of juice. You can try one or you can try them all! You will never have to worry about feeling rushed, and there will be a member of the friendly staff there to answer any questions you have about the e-juice that you try or give you any other details you need.

Speaking of the staff, you will not find a group of more knowledgeable, helpful people anywhere! They know everything there is to know about every piece of vaping merchandise they sell. You will never walk out of the shop feeling like you have no clue what you just bought, because they will give you all the details and answer every question you have. They will not only tell you how to use the vape gear you're buying but they will show you as well. Plus, you get a chance to be helped by guys who look like they just stepped out of the 50’s in their hats, bow ties, and vests that fit in with the theme of the shop. How cool is that?

If you are an advanced vaper or you are thinking about taking vaping to the next level, then you will want to stop by Vintage Vapors on the second Wednesday night of every month for the coil building class. These classes are free of charge and are dedicated to people who want to learn how to build their own coils for various tanks and dripping atomizers. Sure, you can watch YouTube videos until you’re blue in the face, but there is nothing like the personal attention you will receive from the classes that are held at Vintage Vapors.

Are you just looking for a place to take a load off and talk about vaping with other e-cigarette users? There is a lounge in the back with comfortable seating where you can relax and vape for a while. There is even a free coffee bar and snacks for you to enjoy while you are chatting. If you’re lucky enough, you might even come at a time when a movie such as The Untouchables is playing, so you can hang out while you are picking up some much needed vaping supplies!

In addition to catching the guys at the shop, you can also find them at the quarterly Smoky Mountain Vapers Vape Meet which is help at Bailey’s Sports Bar and Grill. This meet is full of vendors from all over the city of Knoxville and surrounding areas who come together to showcase their merchandise. You can find great deals on just about anything you are looking for, and there are a ton of prize giveaways through the free drawing that you get a ticket to when you sign in. You can find out more information about those meets and other events that are going on around Knoxville by joining the Smoky Mountain Vapers group on Facebook.

Hopefully after reading this little bit of information you can see why you must visit Vintage Vapors Knoxville. They are located at 112 Jack Dance St. right across the street from West Town Mall in the same shopping complex as Salsaritas. They are open from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday and on Sunday from 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. so you can stop by everyday of the week. You can also check out the Vintage Vapors Knoxville Facebook page or the Vintage Vapors website for additional information, but you really need to do yourself a favor and go by there so you can experience everything for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it!

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